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Parenting and Personality Guides from the Stars

Using astropsychology as a tool to help you and your family thrive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if kids were born with instruction manuals? Or how about if you could unlock your own personality?

It might seem a little farfetched, but by consulting and analysing birth charts, we can look for clues to help us better understand our children and ourselves.

Through our unique combination of astrology and psychology, we’ve helped countless people gain a better understanding of themselves, their children, develop deeper bonds, and bring balance to families all over the world.


How do our guides work?

Parenting Guides

Can you imagine how much easier parenting would be if your children came home with a manual? 

I’m not bossy but I like to be in charge; please give me opportunities to lead (when I’m old enough!),” one manual might say. “I get bored easily. Please encourage me to try lots of different things, but don’t get frustrated with me if I move on from new interests quickly,” another may read. 

It may sound farfetched, but these guides already exist. By looking at the exact time and date of your child’s birth, we can create a birth chart and dig deeper into helping you understand who your child really is, and how you, as a parent, can guide them through life in a way that will help them thrive. 

Guide from the Stars explores the merging of astrology and psychology, and provides parents with the tools to communicate with their children and help them discover their truth, find their voice, and express their uniqueness.


Personality Guides

How many times have you had an ‘A ha!’ moment while reading your star sign on a Saturday morning over breakfast? What about when you’ve gone out of your way to help someone, or demanded the spotlight, or expressed frustration because you want things done ‘your’ way, only to have a friend roll their eyes and declare, “Oh, you’re such a Pisces/Leo/Aries!!”.  

While it’s easy to be dismissive, so much of our personality and general way of life is predetermined by the date and time of our birth. Through astropsychology we can discover and unpack our emotional traits, and learn to understand the elements of our personality that are on display every day. 

We have created this guide, based on the signs of the zodiac and other components to help you really get to know yourself, and understand why you are the way you are. We believe that when we know more about ourselves, and who we truly are at our core, we are more likely to love ourselves, to feel empowered, and to accept ourselves for who we really are.  


Why is this guide for me?

Our parenting guides from the stars provide insightful information about your child’s personality outline in combination with practical parenting advice that you can put into action. 

Our personality guides gives us a fascinating insight into our daily behaviours and mannerisms, and those traits we tend to fall back on when we’re challenged. If you’ve ever wondered why you speak without thinking, withdraw when you’re upset, or consider yourself always right, you’ll likely get a lot out of this guide!

We use astropsychology and mental health techniques to develop self-awareness, acceptance and empowerment (amongst other skills) to help you and your family thrive.

Because we cherish the uniqueness of each individual, all of our bespoke products are personalized just for you by our licensed mental health counselor.  

Our hand-crafted, locally made parenting and personality guides make a great uncommon gift for special occasions such as newborns, baby showers and birthdays. This original gift can be complemented by a private one-on-one consultation with our licensed mental health counselor or with a zodiac themed journal or a star sign frame print. Interested? Check out our products.